Privacy Policy

TXF Convert does have a few instances where it can provide us with data if you agree to let it do so.

If your TXF file is larger than the largest file we have tested with, 440 MB, we ask permission to know the file size, and track when we successfully complete processing. If we don't get the completed signal, we know we need a larger test file.

Usage data: in specific, the name of the accounting program that generated your TXF file, the version of TXF Convert, the export file type (.csv, etc), and your macOS system version. We show you exactly what data would get relayed to us and ask for your permission.

The TXF specification gives each type of financial data a Tax Reference Number. For example "Tax Preparation Fees" is number 281. If a Tax Reference Number comes along that is not in the specification, we ask your permission to do two things; submit the number to our web site, and see if we have a web page that defines this new number.

Other than writing the converted TXF file to the location on your computer that you specify, TXF Convert creates a preferences file at "/Application Support/TXF Convert/com.txfconvert.txfconvert.txt". It contains stuff like: